개힙해 (by NONAME & Beat.K)



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License: 3PM Music License v1.0 Created by Beat.K & NONAME 무명중유명유명무실무명국무명왕무명 음악의 때를 쫙뺀다 때가 쏙 비트케이 올곧은 나무라면 태풍에 부러질지도 모르니 태풍같은 음악에 갈대처럼 몸을 맡겨 흔들어 제껴부러 Produced by Beat.K Lyrics by NONAME Cover Artwork by SOONSOON Video by NONAME Mixed by Beat.K Mastered by Beat.K Part of the samples are produced from AI voice actor service, Typecast(Dust et al.) https://typecast.ai